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Medical: Sun.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog but I’m getting back to it, I promise!

In three weeks I’ll have a well-deserved holiday and I hope some of you will also have the possibility to go away for a while despite the situation.

Because Summer is already there, I think it's good to shine some (sun)light on tanning by writing this little piece for you.

Whether you’re exercising outdoors or relaxing on a beach or in your yard, catching some rays improves how you feel. The sun does a lot: a little sunshine raises vitamin D and serotonin levels (a.k.a. the 'happy' hormone’). So, it's good to get outside!

Sunlight exposure is also important to increase and maintain the healthy Vitamin D levels. You can also supplement by taking Vitamin D tablets every day because Vitamin D is good & healthy. But it’s always good to spend some more time outdoors because it’s also proven to make you happier!

One of the most important things we've been taught is to protect ourselves from the sun with sunscreen.

People wonder “how do we get more sun exposure to increase our vitamin D and protect ourselves from skin cancer and sun damage to our skin”? Unfortunately, skin cancer is also on the rise due to getting too much unprotected sun over time.

So what to do? I’m gonna share some tips for spending time in the sun safely while increasing your vitamin D levels.

1. Cover up! Protect yourself with clothing and head coverings. This is the best method of sun protection, and sometimes even a fashionable way too! A hat and shirt can protect you from the strongest rays. You can also remove them quickly and get direct sun exposure without sunscreen. Here you get sun protection and vitamin D absorption.

2. Stay in the Shade! The animals in warm countries don’t lay on the beach baking in the middle of the day. You’ll mostly see them relaxing in the shade.

UV rays are the strongest when the sun is the highest in the sky between 10AM and 4PM. A possibility: try getting direct sun exposure in the morning and evening and relaxing in the shade when the UV is highest.

3. Find a natural sunscreen without chemical ingredients and high in UVB & UVA protection. This really is a must.

4. Apply and reapply sunscreen every two hours. Sweating & swimming will remove it all. Even if it says its waterproof, make sure you apply again!

5. Be aware of high SPF claiming products over 50+ SPF. They sometimes give you a false sense of security. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to reapply.

6. Going out for a day? Plan ahead. The day can take unexpected turns, so always bring a hat and a shirt with you.

7. And to the guys over here: some numbers show that men wear sunscreen half as much as women. Sunburn isn’t sexy. Neither is skin cancer. So, don’t risk it. Put on a shirt!

8. Use umbrellas at the beach, park, and beyond. They’re great to give you some shade and a break from the intense sun. Pop your head under it to keep cool too.

Hope these tips will help you through a safe & sunny summer :)

Until next blog!


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