Medical Series Review: 'Lenox Hill'

Another series review because I have been hooked on Lenox Hill. Lenox Hill is a Netflix Original docuseries that follows four doctors — two brain surgeons, Dr. John Boockvar and Dr. David Langer. An emergency room doctor, Dr. Mirtha Macri. And a chief resident OBGYN, Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson and other staff of the renowned Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

In the hour-long series they show you an intimate and human look at the daily lives of the doctors, including the incredibly skilled and interesting work they do, and the patients they serve and care for.

It documents the ups and downs of the daily doctor life: the surgeries, the diagnoses, ultrasounds, the frequent patients who are getting in and out for surgeries and check-ups, the delivering of news both good and bad.

But the focus of these series remains strongly on the humans it showcases. It’s not a show filled with surgeries that contain a lot of blood that could make you easily nauseated. It’s about the multitude of tasks doctors face and accomplish on a day of work, which often goes unnoticed by patients and their loved ones who are likely trying to get out of the hospital as quickly as they can.

You know I love medical shows but this one sucked me in, because it’s mainly about the people. Watching Lenox Hill feels like spending 9 days inside a hospital, just observing. As a healthcare worker myself it’s amazing to see what kind of true and brilliant heroes these people are.

What I also loved about these series is the multiple births shown in the episodes and I simply dare you not to get a big smile on your face as parents meet their babies for the first time. Especially when Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson yells “Happy Birthday” to the newborn children. It’s truly adorable.

Of course, that joy is also overshadowed by other stories happening elsewhere in the hospital that show how some doctors can be performing a brain surgery one minute and delivering bad or good news to loved ones in the next.

There is everything: from serious cancer surgeries to one very easy looking painful ingrown hair removal. All done with a level of respect and perfect routine.

Also I appreciate that these series doesn’t drown in difficult medical terms people without a medical background can’t understand — the doctors featured here want you to learn and see all the aspects of their job so that you have an accurate appreciation for what they’re doing and accomplishing.

I found out that these series wrapped filming in November last year. Just months before the coronavirus ravaged its way through the city.

The 9th episode is a recently added episode filmed over the past few months to showcase the doctors’ response to the public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

This episode was so emotional and follows the doctors as they work together in the midst of the pandemic to treat critically ill patients while the city shuts down around them.

It highlights the sacrifices healthcare heroes had to make to provide care on the frontlines. It was a unique behind-the-scenes look of how they handled everything within the hospital and also dealt with their emotions — as well in their private life.

With this special episode, they definitely showed people the impact this pandemic had, and is still having, on every single one working there.

I was left teary-eyed and speechless after the episodes. It is by far the best medical documentary series to show you truly how it is. I have so much respect for all doctors and nurses and support staff. I’m in awe with the honesty and rawness of these series.

For anyone that enjoys and is interested in medical documentaries, following doctors and their interaction with patients, I highly recommend Lenox Hill on Netflix. It's truly outstanding.

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