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Well, here I am, writing my first ever blog post!

We all find ourselves in a weird & crazy time right now all because of COVID-19.

All of a sudden we have loads of time. This was for me the perfect moment to finally start a blog. Something I have wanted to do for quite a while now.

But first...let me introduce myself.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become a doctor. Both my parents are doctors so no wonder I wanted to do something like that too. Caring for others is also in my nature so it was not a crazy idea. During my choice of what to study after high school, I was having a tough time choosing between being a kindergarten teacher or medical assistant.

During high school I got the opportunity to do a short internship at a kindergarten and also a general practitioners office. Quickly after my internship at the GP I knew for sure - medical assistant it was!

During my MA study I did the same internship at the place where I had my orienting internship. It was so fun to be back there with so much more knowledge. They saw a big growth in how I had developed myself. I also got the opportunity to do a short internship at several spots in a hospital. What I really like about work in a GP office is that you quickly get to know your patients. It's way more personal than in a hospital. So also that choice was easily made.

I graduated in 2014 and started working. The first two years I was temporary at two different GP's, each for a year. After those two years I applied for a job at the GP office where I still work as of today since 2016.

Being a medical assistant can be so rewarding and at the end of the day you feel like you've really made a difference to people. What I also love about my job is how every day is a new day and no day is the same. It's so well varied and that makes it so fun.

As an MA I also learned how to do multiple nursing procedures such as: giving injections, cleaning out earwax, measuring the blood pressure, pap smear examinations, wound & wart treatments and removing stitches.

Basically: the MA is the business card of the practice. We are the ones sitting behind the reception when people enter and we are the ones picking up the phones. We are an extension of the doctors by doing our own procedures. It’s a big shame that my job is very underrated.

It's been a three-year study but some people have no clue about that.

Last Tuesday people went outside to their balconies or yards and applauded for all the people currently working their asses off to battle Corona. At some places there were even fireworks! It was so great to hear and see.

In times like this, it has been a truly encouraging feeling if you work in health care like me!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post.

Until next blog!



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